Offer of investment from Russia, Natural Gas projects and business climate indicator,

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One of the main priorities of the present Government business gas rates is to ensure the diversification of energy sources, since this means security for Bulgaria.”said the Minister of economy and energy Dragomir Stoynev during the Conference the future of Natural Gas”. The event is organized by the Industrial Association of Bulgaria and the new Bulgarian University risk management laboratory.

Exact value for floors, local small, medium-sized houses. Typical values between 2 and 5 kW of power. Values above this range, like for example 4.4 kW, are preferable if we have any unit of air conditioning, heating, oven hob that we connect normally.

It is important to note that we can never hire more power of the authoritative in the electric installation bulletin. Electrician that has made our rush (in default promoter seller of housing) should give us a document signed and validated by the corresponding autonomous community on which indicated the technical and legal limit of power that we can recruit.

If we know the power that we need in our electric contract it is time to choose what hours of consumption we agree. A key point to save the electricity bill is to determine if a single billing period is good for us if we want to include some sort of time discrimination.

“” The selection criteria will be the same as in the previous case: if I have a high consumption in the Valley hours “, by similar electric heating, we will choose the night tariff”, rate with time discrimination 2.1 DHA. If on the other hand this is not true, will not compensate the high price of the tariff with time discrimination on the tip schedule”, and will allow us to save more choose the 2.1 rate for the same price 24 hours a day.